The Greatest Limbo Dancer EVER!

Shemika Campbell, is the internets latest Viral Sensation. She has been featured on Good Morning America, The Today’s Show, ESPN, CNN, ABC News, Hallmark, Steve Harvey, Ellen Degeneres, Pickler & Ben, The Late Late Show
Shemika got her first break of acting In 2017, due to her 100 Million Views within a 90-Day grace period, with Disney’s Bizaardvark.
Her goals are to continue to pursue her acting career, with hopes of also landing singing, and modeling jobs as well.
 Shemika Campbell, the undisputed Queen of Limbo. She holds 3 world records! Lowest Limbo (8.5 inches). Furthest distance in the Limbo position (under 12 inches/10.1 feet) both in which are certified by Guinness Book of Records. And her final record which is limboing under an SUV. With these amazing moments,  press coverage circled the globe.

Shemika is a native of Trinidad and Tobago who now resides in Buffalo New York. The Mayor of Buffalo declared October 8th 2010, Shemika Charles Day in honor of her first Guinness World Record. Her native twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is not only the home of the Steel Pan – the only musical instrument invented in the 20th century – but it is also the birthplace of the Limbo Dance. Shemika is proud to represent her native country by holding the world record in a field that they invented.